Casey and Kirsty (5mins)

Screened at Zero Budget Film Festival Sheffield & Loughborough 2014

The Wild West comes to Scunthorpe by steam train.

Spending a day with steam engine boffins has never been so much fun. As we meander around the 100 miles of track within the expansive steelworks the bleak semi-deserted landscape and alien machinery is as magical as childhood memories of the legendary Casey Jones and the Cannonball Express.

There is no limit to the connections our minds can make. Kirsty E Smith's work is disarming in it's playfulness and 'Casey and Kirsty' is no exception; the juxtaposition of sounds from classic Casey Jones TV episodes with the harsh industrial noises from Scunthorpe's steelworks make for surprising comedy moments. The landscape of the steelworks cover eight square miles, a huge territory to explore. Smith has made the crossing from what remains of 21st century British industry to the adventure and optimism of the early 20th century Wild West; she made this journey by steam train.

Camera: Dominic Ewan
Concept, editing and sound: Kirsty E Smith.