"A striking sculpture that looks like an instrument for some strange futuristic religious ceremony or ancient civilisation ritual, incorporating a 1970s lampshade as if a retro plastic talisman. Along with the inherited velvet, she used beige wool bouclé fabric and synthetic silver fabric over the steel and foam frame, shifting the semiotic register of the form from patriarchal mace to baby’s toy."
Matt Price -The Secret Life of Sculpture 2008

Shown in
Solo Shows:
- 'Inventions of the MInd', Erasmus Darwin House, Lichfield UK. 2010
- 'The Yin and Yang of Frillip Moolog', South Bank Arts Centre, Bedford, UK 2009

Group Shows:
- 'The Uncanny", Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, UK 2012
- 'At Play', New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, UK 2012
- 'Meleager's Garland', Sir Joseph Banks' Conservatory, Lincoln, UK 2010
-  'Ornament is Crime', MIMA,Middlesborough, UK 2009
- 'Ensemble', Hand and Heart Gallery, Nottingham, UK 2008