May 2017
DeepSpaceMoolog as it was shown at Testbed1, 60 Druid Street, London, UK  SE1

The combination of the vaulted arches of Testbed1 and dramatic stage lighting made for an atmospheric and cave-like experience of this multi-media installation. Previously shown at 20-21, Scunthorpe, UK.

Accompanying essay by Joanne Lee.

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Multi media installation inspired by vintage sci-fi, Neolithic cave drawings and the possibility of Time Travel.

Made with the support of funding from The National Lottery through Arts Council England
20-21 Visual Arts Centre
Scunthorpe, UK

Exhibition travelled to Doodle Bar London 2017 

Elements of the show also became part of Night Garden III, Carrington, Manchester 2023, 

See Work page for more detailed images


It has been observed that Kirsty E Smith’s work has sophistication and humour in equal measures. Taking a theatrical approach to the process of planning, setting up and photographing these activities become a performance in themselves. The adrenalin and nervous energy that she feels while working around; farmers, animals, dog walkers and children waiting for a donkey ride contribute to the ‘performance' - often with comedic moments.

'Hooty with Steelworks' and 'Hurgle Lenz - donkey days' were selected by Richard Wentworth and shown in 'Wells Art Contemporary' 2013

"There is a strong sense of procession, pageantry and folklore in her work." Richard Wentworth 2013



Running for over 20 years, Wirksworth Festival has become one of the most vibrant showcases for contemporary art that you’ll find in rural England. Wirksworth and its surrounds have a unique character and situation, positioned at the meeting point between rural and urban, agricultural and industrial, ancient and contemporary.

For this commission Smith worked with her love of the scallop developing it from a mere decorative edge into a component from which to construct sensual sculptural forms.

During the three weeks of their residence in St Mary’s the three beings witnessed: worship, weddings, orchestral rehearsals and and the ancient ceremony of the Clipping the Church.


S.Q.U.A.T. Liverpool was a Liverpool Biennial show curated by Gregory Scott-Gurner and Asher Remy-Toledo.

'Blink UnBlink' ran for 20 days during the 2010 Liverpool Biennial. Kirsty E Smith's sculptures and Jan Švankmajeresque film 'Trolley Happenings' added their own surreal narrative to the semi derelict property on Slater Street.

S.Q.U.A.T (Social Questioning Using Art Today) was the umbrella title for the collaborative project between the New York-based group No Longer Empty (NLE), and the UK-based group The Art Organisation (TAO). S.Q.U.A.T examined the issues of regeneration of empty commercial spaces by artistic communities.